Jerome, Arizona, Black and White Photography

Jerome Arizona is a ghost town that refuses to give up its past. The copper mines lay silent, while the voices of those who worked, lived and died there can be occasionally heard. Some lament their greed that caused so much pain, while others warn of dangers that no longer threaten the living. Montage photography shot on iPhone 6.

Jerome, Arizona Montage Photography


Oregon Coast, Ocean Montage Photography

The Oregon coast is unique in its raw, dramatic beauty. The south coast is mountainous in nature, and much of the coastline is made up of sea cliffs interspersed by miles of beaches. The rocks that have placed themselves just off shore were formed by millions of years old lava flows. The Oregon coast is a staple in every library of ocean photography, but rarely seen as interpreted through the prism of montage photography.

Oregon's South Coast

Photographing Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Arizona

Camelback Mountain sits in the heart of the Phoenix Metro area. It is an enormous draw for hikers and rock climbers, both resident and visiting. Trail heads on either end of the mountain, 2.2 miles apart, offer access to the top with a 1300 foot elevation change. You’re never alone on Camelback, unless you choose to be.

Camelback Mountain Montage Photography