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Queen Mary California Photography
queen mary 01 (1/25)
Queen Mary California Photography
queen mary 03 (1/25)
Queen Mary California Photography
queen mary 09 (1/25)
Queen Mary California Photography
queen mary 13 (1/25)

Curious, Artistic, Fascinating

Welcome to the out of the ordinary section of my website. Here you will find photos and images of creative and curious scenes and objects. In everyday life we may come across interesting objects or scenery, yet it may not register in our minds. I endeavor to capture fascinating objects and detail them here.

The Queen Mary photos and images are montages of various angles aboard the ship in Long Beach, California where it is permanently moored.

Stay tuned for more out of the ordinary photos and images.

Bygone, Romanticism, Era

The Queen Mary, sister ship of the Queen Elizabeth, was retired from service in 1967 and now sits permanently moored in Long Beach, California. Taking a tour of the Queen Mary is like going back in time to an era that depended upon a transportation standard that we no longer have time for – elegant and leisurely travel. In Queen Mary 01 you'll notice the stately appearance of the deck. Queen Mary 09 is my favorite image due to the color juxtaposition between rust, red, and blue. In Queen Mary 13 the long barrels of the gun tell of an age gone by

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