Photography as Art

On these pages you will find a collection of montage photography & artistic large-format images and photos representing desert landscapes, specifically those in Arizona and the Sonoran Desert, photography of quaint Mexican villages and cities and seaside resorts, Arizona water scenes and water images from many locales, and miscellaneous artistic photos of curious things and locations.

I am the photographer, Dana W. Ball also known as The Art Guy. The images on this site are not intended to be clever, thought provoking, or intellectual. They are visceral and should be viewed intuitively. In creating these images, great care is taken to ensure the greatest amount of objectivity on my part. The images are captured digitally. The settings on the camera are controlled only to the degree necessary to obtain workable imagery.

Montage Photography

For me, the artistic application of montage photography creates a sense of surrealism that helps the viewers of my art to transport themselves into the image. The overlapping of multiple images, whether in landscapes, cities, canyons, or streams, presents photography to the observer as a true art.

Fine Art Landscape Photography

As an artist, I am fascinated by the landscapes that nature provides. I travel the U.S. and the world to find landscapes that inspire me, whether through natural beauty, or by the vastness that the environment provides. My large-scale images focus on a wide view of nature or the intricateness of grasses escaping a rock formation. Whatever strikes my artistic sensibilities or my curiosity is what I love to photograph.

Perfection is not the ultimate goal

There is little character in perfection. The only manipulation of the final image involves an increase the saturation of the existing natural color, and a slight compression the tonal range.

In assembling the montages, no single frame is ever forced so as to fit a pre-conceived vision of the final overall mosaic. The individual frames are a true representation of the original scene at the time they were taken. The final assemblage depicts a landscape, which, though based in reality, does not exist. I do not allow myself to comprehend the final result until all the individual frames are inserted into the composition. Generally, a wider than normal lens is used to promote distortion.

I strive for imagery that captivates

My images captivate first from a distance, then draw the viewer in closer. These images can be quite large, and, therefore, can offer visual information that changes with every viewing.

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